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Air freight
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PCL always keep our service concept and allows you more efficient logistics operations.

PCL has a long-term business cooperation with a large number of peer companies in the field of logistics and has rich resources shared between each other. Stable flight schedule and many airline companies will make you lots of choices for your cargos’ arrangement starting from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. In addition, we provide the Pearl River Delta regions and Hong Kong's pick-up delivery and distribution. Through the coordination or cooperation between normal warehouses in Hong Kong and the bonded warehouse or supervised warehouses in Shenzhen, PCL comes to achieve "airport - airport" or "door - door" delivery.

The use of perfect information network management system, we ensure to communicate fastly, timely, and efficiently, in order to act as the connection between our customers on landing and destination port Safe package, reasonable arrangement and effective projects make you reduce the cost in a personalized way to your needs.


·Stable flight schedule and flexible arrangement.

·Pick-up and delivery.

·Apply insurance according to client’s requests.

·Guide and instruct cargos’ package according to international standards.

·Customs clearance and commodity inspection at landing port.

·Issue air way bills.

·Customs at destination port and delivery the cargo to designated points.


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