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PCL warehouses in Hong Kong, Yan Tian Harbor Free Trade Logistics District and Fu Tian Free Trade District.

 Warehouse is equipped with good hardware, fire facilities with complete establishment, a well-ventilated and anti-corrosion and anti-moisture. Our staffs in the warehouse are all well-trained according to standard operation procedures before starting into the working. And they are planned to arrange to be on duty day and night, CCTV video surveillance full-line monitors operation situations, and infrared alarm systems automatically monitor in warehouse, which are all to ensure cargos security, meantime provide clients with high quality, safe, and reliable services.

Door to Door

 ·Make and send relative documents 

 ·Warehouses(Common warehouse, Supervised warehouse, and boned warehouse)

 ·Simple package

 ·Consolidation in warehouses

 ·Tax rebate without departure(Only limited to bonded logistics warehouse)

 ·Online platform for cargos’ tracking

 ·Service platform for clients’ visits and complaints

Cargos informational management

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Service safeguards systems

 ·Cargos security—Safe monitor systems, safe operation procedures, and train timely.

 ·Prompt services—Standard operation and transportation on time.

 ·Timely information—On the receipt of order, you may query the states of goods through online at any time,and understand kinds of information you want.


Online service