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Service target: 

Prevention in advance, supervision in progress and post coordination as a supplement, through close communication with enterprises, makes effort to minimize clearance cost and risk and help enterprises embark on a standardized and legalized quality clearance road.

service item

1、special consulting service 

To answer any questions during customs clearance by telephone, fax or booking on-site service and timely feedback on the customs regulations that may bring influence to the enterprises, make oral or written proposal to daily customs clearance work.

2、special depth service

To assist enterprises establish customs clearance and improve the customs system, selecting and training of personnel, coordination of all customs clearance business.

3、special full service 


Sole agency for related import and export business work of the enterprises.. Inspection Dept. has more than senior inspection personnel, familiar with the inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the department business procedure, proficient in all inspection business. According to customer product features, combined requirements of Quarantine, guide enterprises to apply for inspection and quarantine procedures.


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